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"FAHRENHEIT 451" is a complex representation of a whole range of IT services, necessary for business needs with the unified standard of service quality.
Our Company's market goal is to help our clients to reduce risks and costs, to improve the competitiveness of their business through the introduction of the most advanced IT solutions. Our Company works in the B2B sphere (small and medium enterprises).

How we differ from other IT companies?
- comprehensive approach to customer services: our own IT department with helpdesk service, monitoring system and laboratory; staff of professional "1C" programmers;
- professional managers and specialists in e-commerce;
- development, support and maintenance of advertising campaigns on the Internet;
- we have only professional and responsible engineers: only our fully trained, specialist engineers are permitted to work with clients;
- consistency: we continuously improve business processes of our Company, focusing on the best business practices;
- innovations: our development department in cooperation with the quality department have already developed and implemented many unique IT solutions for our clients.

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